Want to utilise Content Marketing to help your business stand out from the crowd? Webinars are a great way to do this!

Aside from being accessible, content marketing offers a high ROI, which is why it has become one of the most effective ways of promoting a business.
However, competition nowadays is rampant as approximately 70% of businesses employ some form of content marketing. This makes it challenging for a business to stand out in the crowd.
For you to reach your target audience, you must offer unique content. Make sure that you offer something that your competitors can’t mimic. And one of the best ways to do this is through a webinar.


What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an engaging online marketing event where speakers deliver a presentation to an audience who can participate by responding to polls and submitting questions.

It is different from a meeting tool wherein small groups meet and collaborate in real time, or even from the traditional streaming media that do not give the audience a way to engage with the content.

Webinars have separate streams for audio and slides. In fact, most modern webinars go beyond that, with integrated social media, presenter video, slides, and live attendee feedback in the form of idea storming, polls, questions, and many more. It’s a great addition to your lead generation strategy.


Why Webinars are Effective

It Draws a Crowd – A webinar will give businesses the ability to grab the attention of a crowd over time. It demands a minimum of one month to prepare. By focusing the users on one event, the webinar can become more powerful and give your business a boost in credibility and visibility.

High Level of Interactivity – In a webinar, the presenter doesn’t just speak with silent users; rather, these users can engage with the speaker during the discussion and even submit questions and feedbacks. Such a level of interactivity blurs the line between social engagement and content and makes the format appealing to people searching for that level of value in their content needs.

Showing, not telling – Most online users are getting sick and bored of written content. They want to see things unfold right before their eyes. They are looking for hands-on demonstrations, and webinars are the best way to do such. The format allows businesses to show what they offer instead of just giving information about the products and services.

Planning a Webinar


You must create a plan before rushing into creating a webinar. Similar to any digital marketing or lead gen strategy, proper planning offers the best possible chance of success.

Step 1: Set webinar goals. A clearly defined goal will shape the webinar purpose, topic, and call to action.

Step 2: Understand the audience. Know who to target with every webinar.

Step 3: Choose a topic. The topic must be relevant to the audience and be linked to the goal of the webinar.

Step 4: Find an industry expert. Identify someone that represents who the audience aspire to be or a person the community admires.

6 Programs to Use

  1. Google+ Hangouts (Free)
  2. GoToWebinar
  3. Zoom.us
  4. Webinarjam
  5. Join.me
  6. Demio


Putting a webinar strategy on the calendar is the best way to become successful in content marketing. Commit to a topic, specify a date, and begin attracting possible viewers through social media promotion and email blasts. Webinars are indeed extremely powerful these days – but only when you host them.

Your Next Step

What’s one thing that you can take away and implement in starting and hosting your own webinar? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.
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