Project Description

4 Australian Visas- Case Study Part I
Website Redesign Project

Website That Converts

leads increased by 4 times in 3 months

Jerry was looking for solutions to grow his business online apart from regular referrals.

He's got a great understanding of online marketing and has built website previously but the website wasn't actually getting the results he was after.

We helped Jerry create a plan from upgrading his website  to convert more leads into paying clients.

The new website includes few features that Jerry was looking for:

  • better user experience
  • visible call-to-action buttons
  • new design
  • mobile responsive
  • Search engine friendly

Since the launch of the new site,

  • online enquiries and calls have increased by 4 times in the first 3 months, he's getting daily enquiry without running any paid traffic campaigns
  • sales revenue has gone up by 50%+ in 4 months


  • Most clients came from referrals, there was not enough enquiries from other sources
  • Online enquires are very little despited of Jerry's efforts to improve his online presence


Step 1:  (late 2016)

Identify the business needs and long-term vision, we decided to stat with the website redesign

  • Website Conversion Redesign
  • Keyword Optimisation to generate more enquiries

Step 2: (early 2017)

Ongoing marketing strategies to increase the revenue and employee hires, including:

  • Website Enquiry Funnel
  • Automating marketing process

Step 3: (mid 2017)

Reviewing the traffic strategies, including:

  • Google AdWords
  • Search marketing campaign
  • Social marketing campaigns

RESULTS (step 1)

  • Sales increased by 50% within 4 months
  • Phone calls and enquiries increased by 4 times within 3 months, business is getting daily enquiries 

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About 4 Australian Visas

4 Australian Visas are a team of experienced Australian Registered Migration Agents and provide all kinds of Australian visa assistance, from consultation, visa application submissions to difficult cases. 

Jerry Hooper- 4 Australian Visas

Jeremy Hooper-Director

What Did Jerry say? 

I had been building websites for my business over ten years, but I felt that they had never really been successful.

After initial conversion with Chloe in late 2016, I made an appointment with them to see an on-line presentation of what Viva Results could do for me. It made all the difference that Chloe and her team knew a lot about the characteristics of my business, including attracting inquiries, qualifying them as prospects and then converting them into paying clients.

We combined in the planning stage to develop the content and style before building the website. It's been a pleasure to work with their team, bouncing ideas off each other. Together we developed the content and style of the website.

Throughout the process, Viva Results let me view all pages of the developing website and recommend changes where I thought necessary. It seemed that it took no time at all to complete the site and get it online.

It didn’t take long before I was getting a substantial increase in enquiries for my services. My business has improved significantly. I could not be happier with services I received from their team at Viva Results. I am continuing to work with them in developing my online marketing strategy. 


Case Study Part II- Coming Soon


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