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Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy for reaching people on their mobile devices through email, websites, apps, SMS and MMS, and apps.
Effective mobile advertising means having a good understanding of your mobile audience, making strategic use of mobile apps and SMS marketing, and designing content with different mobile platforms in mind.


The Importance of Mobile Today

Mobile devices are now an integral part of human life. In fact, users spend an average of 69% of their media time on smartphones and most smartphone owners sleep with their mobile phones near their beds so that they do not miss anything. As a marketing channel, marketers must understand how to successfully reach out through mobile.
Remember that mobile is probably the most personal channel as of today – the devices are kept close to the owner and gets constantly checked throughout the day. This makes mobile marketing extremely important.
Mobile has certainly disrupted how people engage with brands. Everything that can be done on a computer can now be done on a mobile device. From visiting your website to opening an email to viewing your content, it is all accessible through the small yet powerful mobile screen.

10 Mobile Marketing Trends to Get on Board With in the New Year

  1. Mobile-first Indexing is still a priority
    In late 2016, Google announced that it would start indexing websites based on their mobile websites and not their desktop sites. Thus, for your site to rank high, your mobile presence must reflect the appropriate content and perform well.
  2. Speed matters a lot
    Optimising your site for mobile means paying attention to how fast it loads and improving it if necessary. Remember that when a page takes more than three seconds to load, the bounce rate will rise. And this may impede fast lead generation. So make sure to regularly check your site’s speed.


  3. Location-targeted ads are paramount to success
    Local searches are growing at a higher rate than general mobile searches. Most users today allow themselves to be tracked by their smartphone’s location. If two of them with the same profiles find themselves in the same museum or coffee shop, the site notifies them.
  4. Be aware of the micro-moments of your target audience
    Micro-moments are situations during the day wherein a consumer reaches for their mobile phones to find something. These include a recipe for lunch, a tutorial on how to fix plumbing problems, the answer to a trivia question, and a video on news events. During these moments, users often turn to the internet for instant answers, giving your business a chance to build credibility and loyalty.
  5. Develop an app
    An app acts like a direct marketing channel that increases customer engagement and gives extra value for return customers. If your business doesn’t have one, consider getting one in 2018 as statistics show that apps account for 89% of mobile media time. Make sure it meets the expectations of your customers.
  6. Live-streaming is a big mobile opportunity
    Live streaming offers people the human connection they are looking for in a brand they follow. In fact, about 80% prefer watching live videos instead of reading blog posts while 82% want live videos over social posts.


  7. Artificial intelligence is growingArtificial Intelligence tools like data analysis, chatbots, and personalised recommendation systems are driving better content. Marketers can actually leverage these tools for effective mobile marketing campaigns. By 2020, it is predicted that AI will revolutionise the online marketing industry.
  8. Mobile marketing automation
    For the past several years, marketing automation has been one of the top three priorities for businesses. Businesses are expected to use mobile marketing automation to collect customer email, information, and phone numbers. Marketing automation is expected to grow in 2018.
  9. Messaging apps
    In the next couple of years, messaging apps will take over social networks in terms of active users since instant messaging apps are private as opposed to social networks. Marketers should consider using these apps to connect with their target audience at an individual level.


  10. Leverage micro-Influencers
    Micro-influencers are people who can affect how certain groups of people think and act. They have loyal followers who share their passion. Your target audience will surely take their suggestions if you choose to leverage micro-influencers in the coming year.
    Mobile Marketing is increasing in importance for 2018 so get more personal, be more mobile and most importantly, do it fast. The focus this year will be even more high-speed and niche-oriented than in 2017, reflecting the instant growth of consumers using their mobile phones as their first search devices.

Your Next Steps

What’s one thing that you can take away and implement in your mobile marketing? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.
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