Who am I?

Uni student

I’m currently finishing up my degree at Macquarie Uni, studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Marketing; International Business; Media, Culture and Communications; and Chinese Studies.


So many options, but my heart was set out for marketing

I have a lot of interests, but chose to pursue marketing, as it is something I’m passionate about and continue to have a curiosity in. Customers are getting smarter than ever and are very good at telling which marketing is organic and which is planned, and so businesses also have to adapt and become smarter, and more transparent with their customers. I’m very interested in how they manage to do it.


I’m now working as Social and Content Coordinator here at Viva Results!


From the start: A fateful meeting with Viva Results

A focus on digital

Today, you can’t have a business without going digital. Some businesses that have been around for decades might, but new businesses rely on online campaigns and strategies. Viva Results also specialises in digital advertising campaigns for businesses, so naturally we were a match-made fit.


A day at Viva Results

At Viva Results, everyday is different and dynamic. We’re creating new events based on what customers come back to us with – where they struggle with when it comes to their online marketing campaigns and what they’d like to learn more about. We’re also learning all the time, about the market in general.


What have I learnt?


I have done some work in the past designing logos and marketing materials for small businesses, and got to use those skills to create a lot of the content here at Viva Results. At our events like Chloe’s talk at the Law Society last month, I take action shots of the events for later marketing materials.


Content marketing

In my time at Viva Results, I’ve picked up various new skills. I’ve come to learn, firstly, that a lot of time and effort goes into posting a blog, or creating content. Creating content is about sharing information people actually want to know about – there’s no point writing a blog that no one is going to read. We’ve created content about how businesses can grow their customer base using all types of online methods, from LinkedIn to email to video; how to get ahead during holiday season; and ways other businesses can utilise content marketing effectively too.


Marketing automation and email marketing

I’ve also learnt a lot about marketing automation. When you see a site connect with another site, that follows with a thank you email afterwards – that’s me working in the background to connect all of those together. It sounds quick and easy but it’s very time-consuming and a lot of testing goes into it to make sure all the parts are connected correctly.


Website wireframing

I also create website design wireframes, which then goes to website developers that bring the wireframe to life. This again uses a bit of design work, as you need to create the layout of the site from scratch, and you also need to connect all the pieces so it can be read by the developer.


Ads, ads, ads!

Facebook Ads have been an exciting part of what I do at Viva Results as well, as I have been wanting to learn all about ads since I started working here. It’s quite complicated and I still have a long way to go, but it’s very exciting! I also need to write copy for the ads, some for Facebook, and a few on LinkedIn as well.


Where to go from here

My latest challenge while working with Viva Results is learning more about Google Analytics, as data is becoming increasingly important for businesses today. I hope to keep growing from here and using these skills to help Viva Results grow even more.