If you’re interested in new strategies to improve your business’s performance, then you should consider Gmail Ads. With over 1 billion active Gmail users in 2016 – and this number ever increasing – Gmail Ads will allow you to reach new audiences and grow awareness about your brand in a way that’s more effective and cost-efficient.

What Exactly are Gmail Ads?

Previously Gmail Sponsored Promotions, Gmail Ads are interactive adverts placed at the top of Gmail inboxes. You can typically find these in the social and promotions sections of your inbox.

The ads may contain images, video or embedded materials, and are types of marketing content that are highly preferred and well-received by online users. Here’s an example from my inbox:

Ads beneath the social tab
Ads beneath the ‘social’ tab

Ad on Promotional Tab
Ads beneath the ‘promotions’ tab

Ad From Uber
Here’s an ad from Uber. In the right bar is a short blurb about the company as well as an explanation of the ad. At the bottom of the ad, you have the option to forward it to another email or save it in your inbox.

How to use Gmail Ads

Setting up Gmail Ads for your business is fairly quick and easy, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Sign into your AdWords account (create one first if you don’t have one yet) and proceed to create a new campaign or ad group.
  • Click “+Ad” and head to the “Ad Gallery” where you will find “Gmail ads” – click this option.
  • Choose a template to use. The following are the ad options you can choose from:
      • Single image ad: a single image fills the body of the expanded ad.
      • Single product promotion: an image or video with text advertises a single product or service.
      • Multi-product promotion: several images with text advertise multiple products or services, each with a call-to-action button.
      • Catalog creative: features more descriptive text than the multi-product promotion. It provides a magazine-like experience and includes multiple call-to-action buttons.

    Gmail Image Ads

    • Provide required information to create a Gmail Ad.
    • Click “Save” or “Save and Preview.”

It normally takes two business days for the newly created ad to appear because Google needs to evaluate it first to establish compliance with advertising policies.

To maximise the power of Gmail Ads, consider the following special tips:

  • Select the right KPIs.
  • Don’t focus too much on conversions. Instead, take on a holistic view and consider other success metrics such as email saves and forwards.
  • Study different attribution models and develop a better understanding of what Gmail Ads are accomplishing for your business.

Benefits of Using Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are under the AdWords program. Businesses find them affordable since you only have to pay for every ad that receives a click. There’s no charge for user interactions with your expanded ad. The added benefit of this system is it can be used as a reliable gauge of how well each ad campaign is performing.

WordStream reported that more clicks on a Gmail Ad also result in lower cost per click (CPC). So the more interesting and relevant you make your subject line, the less you’re paying in the long-run as you gain greater clicks.
WordStream Report


It’s important to mention too that Gmail Ads are shareable. Anyone can save an ad by clicking the star icon or the blue “Save” button, and it can be forwarded as an email message.

Likewise, these ads are designed to be responsive. Gmail Ads display properly on all commonly used internet-connecting devices, making it highly accessible to more users and a wider range of audiences.

Lastly, Gmail Ads offer automatic targeting, allowing you to make sure that your ads are placed in the inboxes of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.
Gmail Ads accomplish a lot of marketing objectives in an affordable and easy way.


If you’re not using Gmail Ads yet, it may be high time to take a serious look at this option and see if it suits your needs. You may be missing out on an opportunity to grow faster and losing a chance to boost the visibility of your enterprise in the midst of a fiercely competitive business scene.

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