How to run paid ads to your advantage and get results

When it comes to running paid ads, say Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads or LinkedIn ads, there are 3 things that you need to focus on before starting your ads regardless of which platform you use.

Those 3 key points will help you determine the success of your ads.

Like most businesses, the purpose of running paid ads is to get you more clients.


If you’re looking to get more results from your paid ads, the first thing you need to have is:


  • Make an offer


What does that mean?

Before starting your ads, it’s important to understand your why. Why do you run this ad?

Be clear with your objective, whether you want to drive more appointments, capture email addresses, or get someone to purchase your service or product.

Here’re some offer ideas:

Free downloadables – checklists, roadmaps, blueprints

Mini video series – something educational information and not salesy,

Webinars – something your audience wants to learn from you


Running ads can be profitable for businesses if you know exactly why you do it and understand your customer journey, which path you’re taking them through your marketing funnel either it’s the top of your funnel, the middle or the bottom of your process.


And you probably are thinking, where does my offer go? Which web page should I have my offer? And this leads to our next key point:

  • Create a landing page to address your offer

When you decide what your offer is, you need to have your offer on the page. Let’s call it a landing page. It’s a page specifically addressed your offer to your audience.

The reasons why you want to create a landing page, it’s super specific and laser-focused. It removes the distractions from your normal websites.

Most of all, it speaks to your audience and you can address how you solve their pain points by providing them with your solution.


If you’re thinking, why not use the website? The website can be very distracting because:

  1. You probably offer more than 1 product or service
  2. Your visitors would get distracted by clicking everything you have on the website and may forget why they came to this page in the first place

That also means, you lose an opportunity to engage with them and capture their contact details.


If you want your ads to work in your favour and get results, the last key point you need to follow is to:

  •  Identify whom you’re targeting

Boosting posts are not the best way to help your business get the results you’re after.

If you know who your target market and ideal clients are, go after them.

If you’re unsure, do some homework.


Here are 2 easiest ways to drill down who those people are for your business:

  1. Speak to your top clients, identify why they chose you and how you’ve helped them
  2. Research your competitors via their websites, social media

And you can also do a bit of Googling to find out what other people say about your brand or your business.


The worst thing that every business can do is target everyone and anyone. Essentially, that means no one because it’s going to be hard for you to craft a message that resonates with your audience and target market.


I hope those 3 tips help you re-think how you’re going to proceed with your paid ads and help your business drive more results.

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