As we’re filming right now, Google is rebranding Google AdWords to Google Ads.

Let me ask you, are you running Google Ads campaign to get more clients online?

Or are you thinking of using Google Ads to get more calls and enquiries?

In this video, I’m going to share few key points who should be using Google Ads, how to create a successful Google Ads that help your business grow. More precisely, getting your more calls, enquiries and sales.

Are Google Ads suitable for my business?

The answer is, it depends. Google AdWords is not for everyone.


First of all, if you’re considering running Google AdWords, you need to understand user’s intent. There’re few questions you can ask yourself.

Do your customers/clients go to Google to look for your services?

Is there enough search volume for you to generate sufficient enquiries, calls or sales?

Are there any competitors out there running Google Ads?

If the answers are yes, the next question is, Do you have sufficient budget to run those Ads?

For some industries, running Ads isn’t cheap. End of the day, what you should look at is the output- how much is one client worth to you and how much are you willing to pay to acquire a client? This would be the benchmark for you to evaluate if Google AdWords is right for you.

So, let’s talk about how to run a successful Ads Campaign?

There are 3 main elements you need to look at. If you miss any of these, your results could fall apart very easily and waste all the money and energy on your ads.

First part is your Ads campaign structure

The second part is your landing page experience

The third part is your sales process

To keep this video short, I will go through the first part now- Your Ads Campaign structure.

So what do you need to create a successful Google Ads campaign

In recent time, Google has introduced AI (Artificial intelligence) in Google Ads. That means, using machine learning to help advertisers improve their campaign results from keyword selection, keyword bids, and tracking measurement.

However, not all accounts are eligible at this stage, in the meantime, I’m going to share 4 key points that you can do today to improve your conversion results. It might not be new ideas to you but it could be a reminder for you to review your campaign from different perspectives.

1.Research your keywords

Research is a huge part of building a good foundation for your Google Ads campaign.

Apart from using common sense, there’re few ways you can do to identify more hidden gems. Such as using keyword planner inside of Google Ads account, or SEMRUsh which is a third party tool, or Google trends– it’s a free tool from Google or simply spying on your competitors, check what they do online

2.Build your Ads Strategy

Inside Google Ads, there’re various type of ads you can do from the most-known search ads, display ads, Gmail ads, shopping ads if you run an e-commerce business, YouTube Ads to remarketing Ads.

It’s important that you have a plan before starting your ads because combining the ads strategies can be quite profitable for your business when done right such as using search ads and remarketing ads together. Or search ads with YouTube remarketing Ad

3.Eliminate irrelevant search terms regularly

Removing irrelevant keywords regularly is as important as adding new keywords. Because it can save you from getting wasted clicks,

4.Track and Measure your Ads

If you’re looking to get more calls, and want to find out how many calls you generate from your Google Ads, Google call tracking is actually a free feature for business who run Google Ads. And you can even connect your Google Ads account with Google Analytics so that those 2 systems talk to each other.

So, now you have those 4 tips. Which one resonates with you more?

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