From time to time when I ask business owners about what their challenge is when it comes to getting clients online.

They would say, we only want to deal with high-quality leads. For that reason, we don’t focus on outbound/active digital marketing as such and we only work with existing clients or referrals.

Or we want to Reach to potential clients that are committed and not just shopping for free advice.

Can you relate? So, how do we overcome this challenge…Let me share 3 tips with you.

  1. Get clear on your message and offer

What does that mean? First of all, if we want to attract more quality clients, we need to have clarity of knowing who we want to attract, not just saying “high-quality clients”.

Let’s think for a moment, what does “high-quality clients” mean to you, right?

They pay a lot of money, they are easy to work with, they refer other people over?, if so, who would this person be, what does this person do, where does this person normally come from, why does this person need your help, and what’s your magic cure to solve this person’s problem and make him or her want to work with you.

It’s important to be clear on what we want and understands our strength- the type of service we are excellent at.

From the experience I’ve seen in my clients, the ones who get great clients online, they are some similarities here: they know exactly who they service, and what they offer, instead of doing too many things, they specialise in one thing most of the time. And they have a very clear message when talking to their potential clients and their market.

The worst every business can do is I work with everyone and I offer everything. I want you to be choosy and be good at one thing and go after that.

  1. Be the big fish in the pond

What fish? Let’s do the comparison. Would you prefer to be a fish in the ocean or a big fish in the pond.

I guess, it’s the second one, right. Let me explain a bit further.

Being a big fish in the pond allows you to get attention very quickly and attract quality buyers. It’s an intentional move, not a random act.

Let me give you some examples, say, you’re an accountant, and you specialise in SMSF and you work with property investors. Or you’re an accountant and you specialise in property tax. Or you’re a fashion designer who specialises in evening gowns and custom made wedding dresses. So people know you’re good at one that and known in your market.

Is that clear to you? So, you become that big fish and become a magnet to your ideal clients.

  1. Build your digital assets and play a long game

What digital assets? If your business only relies on referrals and you’re happy with it, then, that’s great, however, if you wish to expand your business beyond your location restriction and grow your profit, most likely, you’ll have to go digital. That means, you need to have a way to expand your reach online. With time goes by, you will probably have to deal with millennials. They live with technology.

First of all, you need to start thinking about building your digital content- not just about blogging or random social media stuff, but creating marketing activities in front of the target market. Such as pumping out weekly videos, monthly marketing campaigns that can be some sort of a free guide that’s relevant to your market, or a mini-video training, or a free webinar or even writing a book. You need to increase your marketing activities that your potential buyers can see and learn from you. It helps you build your credibility, authority and the best of all, it helps you attract more quality buyers. And it’s also about positioning and perception when people can find you easily online.

The key to attract more quality clients requires consistency of marketing and play a long game.

I know everyone wants to have overnight results but there’s no magic formula to get those high quality clients online.

Don’t forget when we’re looking for high quality clients, they are also looking for high quality providers. while we evaluate our potential buyers,, they also evaluate us because the options on the internet are readily available. If you’re willing to put more efforts into your market and speak to them, most likely, overtime, you’ll be the go-to expert in your field.

Now, you have those 3 tips, I hope you can put them in use.

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