Holiday season is around the corner, I’ve been getting enquiries and asking about how to market their business during holiday season,  I’ve made a quick video to share 2 tips every business can use to engage with their clients and create more sales.

Tip 1: Data mining your client list 

Often businesses chase new leads and enquiries, however, the biggest gold mine is already in front of us- our existing and past clients or even past enquiries Segmenting your list in your email marketing system is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies

Tip 1-1: Grading your clients and having a conversation with them

Adding some personal touch during holiday seasons can go a long way, whether paying a visit, showing our appreciation or a hand-written note card.

Tip 2: Planning your marketing strategies ahead

Having an end goal in mind is the first step, don’t wait until the last minute.

Marketing planning does require time and planning.

Also, allocate your marketing budget to your strategy.

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