Do you question why your AdWords campaign isn’t generating results you desire? 

Is that true- Google AdWords doesn’t work?

The truth is you might be making those common Google AdWords mistakes we’re going to show you below.

A successful online marketing campaign utilises a combination of different tactics and strategies. An imperative tool that should be an integrative component of your digital marketing efforts is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords offers a few key benefits that can help boost the success rate of an online marketing campaign.

  • Measurability

AdWords offers users a wide variety of tools that allow you to track the details and progress of your campaign.

  • Targetability

Through AdWords, you can target a specific segment of your audience and track their habits, including the devices they use.

  • Flexibility

AdWords offers different ad formats ranging from text ads to video and app promotion ads.

  • Scalability   

With AdWords, you decide how much you want to spend for a campaign.

But despite these benefits, there are plenty of companies that get marginal returns on their investments. The reason? They commit the following AdWords mistakes:

1. Failing to use keywords in your ad copy

Success and failure in AdWords often boils down to using the right keywords. It is essential to invest time and effort towards researching which keywords will yield the best results.

However, there are some businesses which invest their resources in finding these keywords yet fail to utilise these in their ad copy. Many think that it is enough that their ads land on the search pages.

However, if your ad copy contains the same keywords used by a searcher for his query, it is more likely that your ad will be clicked.

2. Failing to use negative keywords

Negative keywords refer to words and phrases that you do not want searchers to associate with the products or services you are promoting.

For example, if you are selling clothes online and you use men’s clothes as your keyword for your campaign, your ad can appear for search phrases which range from designer men’s clothes to cheap men’s clothes.

Unless you are actually targeting people looking for cheap men’s clothing, failing to disregard the phrase from your campaign will only attract the wrong target market and costs you more money for your campaign.


3. Not testing optimal ad position

A lot of companies that are relatively new to using AdWords think that landing in the top two search results is a respectable goal to aspire for. However, unless you are launching a campaign to improve your branding, it may not be an appropriate strategy. In some instances, getting into the third to fifth positions can be more beneficial.

The reason behind that is that most people will click on the top two ads whether they intend to buy or not. However, when a searcher clicks on the ads in the third to fifth positions, it is more likely that he will be interested in what you offer, and more likely to buy from you.

But which position is best for your AdWords campaign? The only way to know is to test the ad position.

adwords mistakes

4. Setting unrealism goals

Some businesses give up on AdWords before they actually achieve noticeable gains. More often than not, these companies set unreasonably low budgets and expect too much from AdWords.

Having a small budget can work against your AdWords campaign in different ways. For one, you won’t be able to experiment and find the right configuration for your ads.

Second, with a small budget, you can end up frustrated simply because you cannot sustain your campaign due to exhausted funds.

Before starting a campaign, set a reasonable budget as well as a long timeframe — long enough for your campaign to take flight.

5. Sending traffic to your homepage

What’s wrong with sending users to your homepage? It’s simple: You are asking your audience to do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the information they need.

Instead of sending potential clients to your homepage, create a landing page for your AdWords campaign. Make sure that this landing page engages users and contains the right information that will entice them to buy.

Adwords Mistakes


Although Google AdWords is a beneficial online advertising platform, businesses need to understand how to effectively run their campaign to be successful. Failing to incorporate the elements discussed above can harm your campaign.

With AdWords it’s always important to invest time perfecting your campaign because you don’t know until you try!

Which Google AdWords mistake are you planning to rectify? Need help with your AdWords campaign? Contact us today!