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How to Run Paid Ads to your Advantage

How to run paid ads to your advantage and get results When it comes to running paid ads, say Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads or LinkedIn ads, there are 3 things that you need to focus on before starting your ads regardless of which platform you use. Those 3 key points will help you [...]

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3 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2018

Growing your business in 2018 is very different from how we used to do to get more clients and market our business. With the change of technology, it's imperative for all businesses to embrace the power of technology and internet. Here're the three biggest takeaways Chloe learnt from her recent trip to San Diego at [...]

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5 Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies You Can Use Today to Better Your Competitions

Do you know how to use Facebook’s targeting features to get better results with your Ads? Facebook is, first and foremost, a social media network. It allows people to share information on their lives and interests and interact with the people belonging to their circle (or even meeting those outside). Users have the ability to [...]

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Facebook Ads or AdWords? Which One is Right for Your Business?

Do you ever wonder which online advertising channel is more beneficial than the other? AdWords or Facebook Small business owners often possess limited marketing budgets and need to focus their efforts on areas that will maximise return on investment. Social media advertising is an effective digital marketing platform that improves the number of impressions, clicks [...]

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