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Why you need a Landing Page for your Paid Ads

   Why do you need a landing page for your paid ads? Are you using websites to run your paid ads? If so, you might want to reconsider using a landing page to get better conversions for your ads.   So, what’s a landing page? A Landing page is a standalone web page that’s [...]

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8 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Design Failed Your PPC Campaigns

Has your PPC campaign been suffering from insufficient enquiries but budget gets consumed all the time? The problem could be you have a poor landing page that pushes your visitors away. You’d  probably think there was nothing to do with the landing page when running a PPC campaign. Worst of all, you’d say, I’m using [...]

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How to Drive More Leads With Your Landing Page

Do you want your landing page to generate more leads but are unsure of what to do? Any marketing expert will tell you to conduct testing — A/B testing, in particular. This is the testing of two different versions of the same page to figure out which one is more effective. In short, it’s an [...]

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7 Tips to Design the Perfect Landing Page that Converts

How do I design a landing page that encourages visitors to take actions? There's no other way around it: Your website's landing page should have all the essential elements that would motivate your target consumers to explore, return, and most importantly, convert. Take note: We said elements. No other single components will be able to work [...]

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Common Google AdWords Mistakes That Hurt Your Marketing Spend

Do you question why your AdWords campaign isn’t generating results you desire?  Is that true- Google AdWords doesn't work? The truth is you might be making those common Google AdWords mistakes we're going to show you below. A successful online marketing campaign utilises a combination of different tactics and strategies. An imperative tool that should be [...]

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Landing Page Conversion Killers: Why People Aren’t Drawn to Your Landing Page

Is your landing page not getting your enough inquiries and calls? The purpose of using a landing page is to achieve the goals you desire for your marketing campaigns whether it’s getting you more inquiries, email list, calls or other objectives you might have. Your landing page can either make or break your campaign. Often [...]

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