How to convert leads into buyers


Have you ever wondered why leads don’t work? And why your leads are time wasters?

The truth is that leads are not buyers, they are just showing their interest in what you offer.  

When someone makes an enquiry, they might have a different intent.

It could be

  1. The person is comparing the price
  2. The person is doing his/her own research
  3. The person is ready to go

If your business depends on having a conversation with someone to sell your services or products, or you’re currently running any sort of ads to drive more leads, then here is 3 tips that could help you convert leads into buyers quicker.

First, Act fast

When any enquiry comes in, take action right away, preferably call-up. It’s all about building a human to human conversation with your prospect. If your lead objective is to drive more phone calls, make sure you have someone standby to take the phone calls, not voicemail. If your lead objective is to drive more online enquiries, make sure you call back as soon as possible. People will be impressed by how prompt you are. One time, I had this client who got an enquiry on the weekend. And the enquiry came from Russia, but the person is originally from Australia, what he did was calling the person via Skype, because of his prompt action, he was able to close the sales that’s worth $2K+.

I know calling up or taking phone calls might sound so simple but I’ve come across business owners they would do anything at their cost NOT to have a conversation with prospects but hoping they will become buyers by just one email reply or 1 phone call. It’s just not gonna work.

And this leads us to tip #2

Pick up the phone

Phone calls are the quickest way to connect with someone and build a relationship. I know for some people, talking to prospects can be a bit daunting or not sure what to say.

In this day and age, everything else can be replaced by technology but a real human relationship. Sometimes, it’s just as a matter of asking the questions, listening to what they need and you’ll be able to convert. Often, it’s not just about selling but understanding how you can help them. And if one call or one conversation won’t help you close the deal, the next thing you can do is tip #3


Again, it sounds so basic but it’s the most overlooked area in many businesses based on my interactions with clients & business owners over the years.

Some business owners are worried they might “bother” or “annoy” the prospect so they are scared to follow up. In my experience, no one ever shouts at me telling me I call them too much. And the best part is you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by following up.

Your follow-ups are not restricted with just phone calls. They can be automated follow-ups, messenger chats, direct mails and so on, the sky is your limit. And be sure you have a CRM system to store all prospects data, it’s gonna make your life easier to follow up.


Now you have it, feel free to comment below and let me know if there’re tips that work well for you to convert more leads into buyers.


And I hope this video has given you some insights and if you’d like to download the cheat sheet I’ve prepared for you to go along with this video, click the button or link on the page.


I’m Chloe Liu. See you next time.