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Understanding The Power Of Video Marketing

Why video? Videos are the most popular marketing tools today. According to Forbes, 90% of consumers say that watching product videos helped them make purchasing decisions and that 64% of customers were more likely to buy a product online after they watched a video about it. Lastly, the same article reported that videos are projected [...]

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How Facebook Messenger Bots are Transforming Customer Service

Seeing ‘Messenger Bots’ floating around the web and wondering what the heck they are? Facebook offers people the ability to communicate and stay updated on the latest news from their contacts, and the brands they follow online. With over 1.2 billion accounts on Facebook, brands are continually finding ways of using this social networking giant [...]

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7 Ways To Effectively Use Storytelling To Create Engaging Content

Why should I be storytelling in content marketing? Storytelling is a popular byword in libraries, pre-schools, campfires, and among little kids. In the beginning of time, before text existed, information was passed on by people orally and often in the form of storytelling. In content marketing, storytelling is used as a tool or method of [...]

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The Importance Of Good Landing Pages In Generating Customer Response

Landing Pages – What Are They and Why Are They Important? There’s an abundance of digital marketing strategies recommended by industry experts. However, when it comes to generating customer response, you only need the effective tactics. A great landing page and a well-structured web form are two of them. Converting website visitors into leads is [...]

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Why and How to Use Gmail Ads for Your Business

If you’re interested in new strategies to improve your business’s performance, then you should consider Gmail Ads. With over 1 billion active Gmail users in 2016 – and this number ever increasing – Gmail Ads will allow you to reach new audiences and grow awareness about your brand in a way that’s more effective and [...]

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