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  Do you use your business blog effectively to grow your business? The study shows companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. (source) According to WordPress, 76.9 million new posts are published every month. And 0ver 409 million people view more than 22.2 billion pages each month. The [...]

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8 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Design Failed Your PPC Campaigns

Has your PPC campaign been suffering from insufficient enquiries but budget gets consumed all the time? The problem could be you have a poor landing page that pushes your visitors away. You’d  probably think there was nothing to do with the landing page when running a PPC campaign. Worst of all, you’d say, I’m using [...]

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5 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Jump in to Better Your Online Performance in 2017

Got your marketing plan set up for a big bang in 2017? If not, it’s time to get things done and planned ahead. Why? If you want to win the game in this ever-changing online marketing world, it’s critical that you have a marketing map that gives your clear directions what you should be doing [...]

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6 Proven Tips  to Get Stellar AdWords Results

Struggling to get your Google AdWords working for you? or not so sure where to start? Read on…. AdWords is the most popular paid search solution in the world! In 2015, 83.9% of Google revenue were generated from advertising. Despite its popularity it can still be intimidating. For many, the Google paid search system can [...]

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Why You Need Digital Marketing Strategy for Mobile Website

Got a mobile phone? Then, you need to read this one!! One of the fastest growing digital marketing strategies is mobile marketing whether it’s having a mobile website, running mobile marketing or mobile search. All signs point to the fact that mobile is here to stay and play a bigger role in your online marketing. [...]

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5 Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies You Can Use Today to Better Your Competitions

Do you know how to use Facebook’s targeting features to get better results with your Ads? Facebook is, first and foremost, a social media network. It allows people to share information on their lives and interests and interact with the people belonging to their circle (or even meeting those outside). Users have the ability to [...]

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How to Promote My Business Online and Get Stellar Results

Are you leveraging online marketing to generate more inquiries and clients for your business? It’s unavoidable, nowadays, more and more people are using online search to look for information when they’re in need of help. Google is a leader in online advertising with more than 3.5 billion search enquiries conducted every day. For the first [...]

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How to Drive More Leads With Your Landing Page

Do you want your landing page to generate more leads but are unsure of what to do? Any marketing expert will tell you to conduct testing — A/B testing, in particular. This is the testing of two different versions of the same page to figure out which one is more effective. In short, it’s an [...]

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7 Tips to Design the Perfect Landing Page that Converts

How do I design a landing page that encourages visitors to take actions? There's no other way around it: Your website's landing page should have all the essential elements that would motivate your target consumers to explore, return, and most importantly, convert. Take note: We said elements. No other single components will be able to work [...]

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Facebook Ads or AdWords? Which One is Right for Your Business?

Do you ever wonder which online advertising channel is more beneficial than the other? AdWords or Facebook Small business owners often possess limited marketing budgets and need to focus their efforts on areas that will maximise return on investment. Social media advertising is an effective digital marketing platform that improves the number of impressions, clicks [...]

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