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3 Tips to Market Your Business for Holiday Season

https://youtu.be/huMSsGm4_gY How do you make the most out of the holiday season for your business?   Holiday season is a great time to relax with friends and families. But it doesn’t mean your business has to stop completely, most likely you still have wages to pay, overheads to cover, that means, we still need to [...]

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How to convert leads into buyers

 How to convert leads into buyers   Have you ever wondered why leads don’t work? And why your leads are time wasters? The truth is that leads are not buyers, they are just showing their interest in what you offer.   When someone makes an enquiry, they might have a different intent. It could [...]

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How to run Linkedin Ads to Target Business Clients

 How to run Linkedin Ads to Target Business Clients   Is your business targeting businesses or thinking of running LinkedIn Ads? In this video, I’m going to show you different ways to run LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn is the best place to target business professionals at any level. You’re probably wondering who should use LinkedIn [...]

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Should You Use Webinars to Get More Clients?

  Transcription  If you’re currently offering  1:1 meetings or consultations to your prospects, there’s a better way to get you in front of your ideal clients faster and quicker. That is webinar. In this video, I want to talk to you about one of the most powerful client attraction tools- webinars.   Download Your FREE [...]

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How to Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign

 As we’re filming right now, Google is rebranding Google AdWords to Google Ads. Let me ask you, are you running Google Ads campaign to get more clients online? Or are you thinking of using Google Ads to get more calls and enquiries? In this video, I’m going to share few key points who should [...]

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How to Attract Quality Clients Online?

 From time to time when I ask business owners about what their challenge is when it comes to getting clients online. They would say, we only want to deal with high-quality leads. For that reason, we don't focus on outbound/active digital marketing as such and we only work with existing clients or referrals. Or [...]

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3 Tips to Get More Clients and Sales to the Door

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3 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2018

Growing your business in 2018 is very different from how we used to do to get more clients and market our business. With the change of technology, it's imperative for all businesses to embrace the power of technology and internet. Here're the three biggest takeaways Chloe learnt from her recent trip to San Diego at [...]

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3 Tips to Grow Your Business When Market is Quiet

  What to do when business is quiet or during low season... Tip 1: Planning Your Marketing Strategy Growing your leads and clients online require building a roadmap, knowing where your business is headed, Are you launching a new product/service in the new year? Anything you can improve internally? systems? processes?   Tip 2: Mapping [...]

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Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday season is around the corner, I've been getting enquiries and asking about how to market their business during holiday season,  I've made a quick video to share 2 tips every business can use to engage with their clients and create more sales. Tip 1: Data mining your client list  Often businesses chase new leads [...]

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