In the digital marketing realm, there are always innovative ways to make processes more efficient. With the continuous developments in smart technology, the industry can enjoy even more benefits.

Artificial intelligence, for example, generates data in a fast and accurate manner to achieve important marketing objectives. It can respond appropriately to queries and expand its knowledge coverage every single time it replies to questions. Like the human mind, it’s always learning to be of better help.

How Relevant is AI to Small Businesses?

One of the primary goals of small enterprises is to accomplish more without much effort. With fewer employees to get work done, artificial intelligence can easily make up for the deficiency in human power through automated responses.

Along with that, AI’s accurate data generation capabilities can improve the way a small business addresses customer needs or requirements. This can increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

AI isn’t going away anytime soon. Gartner predicts that 85% of transactions made in 2020 will be made without need for a human. So how can businesses make use of AI while it’s hot?

Important Things to Know About Using AI for Marketing

Using AI for digital marketing is no longer the way of the future, it’s the ideal system for now. It is one of the best solutions for elevating how a business operates and achieves its growth objectives by performing the following tasks:

    1. Machine Learning and Website Optimisation

      As mentioned earlier, AI allows machines to learn and improve with every use. This is imperative in ensuring high-quality responses to customer demands.

      Likewise, it can enhance the performance of a business’s website in turning traffic into profitable conversions. AI-based tools have proven superior to traditional testing tools for webpage effectiveness in securing target responses from website users.

      Web builder, Wix, has also implemented AI into their systems, where websites can be built (and even content collected) by the machine itself. This type of machine learning activity is expected to grow even more in the near future.


    1. Audience Targeting

      With AI’s ability to learn from every use, it allows businesses to learn more about the people who are likely to use their services. Along with this, the technology automatically can provide services to effectively target every member of the audience’s specific requirements. Due to this, new opportunities for high-impact marketing are unlocked.


    1. Predictive Customer Service

      AI presents the knowledge of how audiences will carry out their transactions and the motivations behind their engagement. This gives businesses the perfect opportunity to lock audiences in with personalised services.


    1. Sales Forecasting

      AI taps into inbound emails and analyses them so a business has solid data to work with in order to make other marketing efforts target customers better.


    1. Speech and Text (NLP)

      Neuro-linguistic programming presents businesses crucial cues about verbal and written text, which are the two methods used by people in searching for information online. The cues help in identifying what the customers need so the right conversation is created with them.

      It’s been reported that speech and text will continue to grow in intelligence and become a more prominent part of the consumer life, even potentially outliving text.


  1. Chatbots

    Chatbots are “digital” friends. They carry out conversations with clients to provide them what they demand accurately and promptly. Chatbots have the ability to analyse natural language and combine it with the understanding of the business’s datasets. Check out our blog post here to learn more about the future of chatbots and even implement one into your business today.

Where to Go from Here

AI will boost any business’s digital strategy for marketing. Therefore, corporate leaders and even SME owners should consider combining the AI system with human power. With the two working together, there will be increased productivity and a much better process overall.

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