Are Facebook Ads for B2B?

If your business only works with businesses like mine, how do you get clients online?

The other day, I got a question from a prospect asking me “Are Facebook Ads for B2B?” B2B means business to business.


Now, let me share some insights on how you can use Facebook Ads for B2B.
If you’re still thinking that Facebook Ads is only for B2C, I want you to be open-minded and see how this can apply to your business as well.


So, how do you use Facebook Ads for B2B?

If your market is B2B, most likely, Facebook Ads isn’t the first touch point, particularly, if you target enterprise or corporate clients. In saying that, Facebook Ads can be effective as your re-engagement strategy after your first contact.

If your transaction value is above thousands, you can add Facebook Ads as part of your multi-touchpoint engagement strategy because your prospects might need more time to consider your offer, speak to other parties or evaluate their options amongst others.

FB Ad Checklist

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How does this work?

  1. You can use Facebook ads to re-target your audience, that could be  
    1. Your lost prospects (who have visited your page but haven’t done business with you)
    2. Website visitors (show them your content or your offer)
  2. You can create custom audiences
    1. That could be your email list or lookalike audience
  3. Target B2B work categories, such as targeting people based on their
    1. Employers ( if the company size is big enough)
    2. Industries
    3. Job titles


Facebook Ads are very flexible and it’s worthwhile reviewing your options as part of your B2B marketing mix.

You can definitely use this as part of your retargeting campaign, re-offer your service or product or present a new freebie to your target audience or even share testimonial videos.


If you’d like to find out more, I’ve prepared a free checklist for you.

Click the link on the page or below, get your free checklist.


I look forward to hearing your feedback and see you next time.


FB Ad Checklist

[FREE] Grab Your Facebook Ad Checklist Here