Has your PPC campaign been suffering from insufficient enquiries but budget gets consumed all the time?

The problem could be you have a poor landing page that pushes your visitors away. You’d  probably think there was nothing to do with the landing page when running a PPC campaign.

Worst of all, you’d say, I’m using my homepage to run my PPC campaign. Then, this is a RED alert. You could be wasting money for nothing.

Why? your message is not specific enough to your visitors who click on your Ads.

Let’s do some health check for your landing page and see what we can do better and accelerate your marketing results.

Here are the most common mistakes of an ineffective landing page:

  • Bad headline – You have to get the ball rolling with the right headline.

Because it is the first thing that visitors see, it comprises your first chance to communicate what your offer is about, pique curiosity, make your intentions clear, and lure them in.

  • Poor copywriting – Your copy is your pitch. Without it, you won’t be very effective.

Avoid jargons and keep the words simple and easy to understand so that your visitors know what need to do next. It’s not about showing off your vocabulary.

Good copy is about sharing the benefits, solutions of your offer in the manner that would most appeal to your target audience and excite them.

Too little or too much copy could be detrimental, so it’s best that you find the length and volume that work. Test, test and test.

  • Lack of clear value proposition – You need to be clear about your offer.

People won’t take action if they’re not sure of what they’ll be getting. They have to want the value you’re proposing for them to respond to your CTA.

For them to want it, they have to understand it first. Focus on the results and transformations that your prospects can benefit by using your services/products.


  • Too many offers – Take care as well not to inundate your landing page with offers.

The best landing pages are focused on just one very specific and very targeted offer. Keep it simple – one problem, one solution, one offer.

  • Irrelevant details – Do you promote oranges while selling apples?

If you want your visitors to focus on your offer, do not pepper your landing page with information that does not directly contribute to the goal of getting them to respond to your CTA.

  • Too many fields in the form – You usually don’t need to ask for anything else beyond first name and email.

In some cases, a phone number may be required, too, but that’s the limit. You can ask for more information when you’ve already established a relationship with them; or call them to build know, like and trust relationships immediately.

  • Confusing call-to-action – This has to be a compelling trigger.

It stands out and makes visitors want to click on it. Use simple words that make plain what will happen after the click.


  • Poor visual design – What do others say about your landing page?

If the landing page doesn’t look attractive and professional, your visitors are bound to leave even before they read anything.

Keep in mind that the goal isn’t to get them over to your landing page; it’s to get them to take action once they’re there. For this reason, your landing page must be designed to push them toward conversion and your goals.


Improving the landing page elements listed above will dramatically change the way users interact with your page. Your offer will be easy to understand and will encourage more users to take the offer whatever it may be.

If you want a well designed landing page that encourages people to take action, please get in touch with Viva Results.

Action Plan

What’s one issue that you’re facing with your landing page ?  leave your comments below and let us help you.