Why should I be storytelling in content marketing?

Storytelling is a popular byword in libraries, pre-schools, campfires, and among little kids. In the beginning of time, before text existed, information was passed on by people orally and often in the form of storytelling.

In content marketing, storytelling is used as a tool or method of attracting the attention of and building strong relationships with your customers or clients. It was reported that the median amount of time spent on a website is 37 seconds. This is a very short window that you have to wow your audience.

There’s a science to storytelling. Check out this great infographic by FastCompany:

Long story short, people want stories they can connect with – stories that are interesting and relevant. Storytelling is therefore an effective tool that not only keeps readers on your page, but can help brands build a thriving community of loyal followers over time.

Incorporating Storytelling in Content Creation and Marketing

Using storytelling in creating content such as blog posts, videos, and even social media posts can help improve your marketing and lead generation campaigns. Here are some useful techniques and tips for integrating storytelling into your content:

    1. Personal stories work because they’re relatable

      Learning how to connect with your audience will help you come up with content that they will understand and can relate to. When you appeal to their interests, needs, and emotions, you will be able to create and effectively integrate the right story that can cause a change in their behaviour or perception.

    2. Boost brand image by telling brand stories

      By making use of brand stories, you humanise your brand and appear more relatable. Readers also get an insight into what the brand’s really like. You can also solidify brand image by creating content about company employees or the experiences of customers regarding the use of your products.


Take Chanel, for example. They have created Inside Chanel which dedicates its readers to behind the scenes ‘chapters’ of Chanel’s notorious ‘Coco’ to ‘Paris’ to ‘Haute Couture’ essentials. They take you inside the inner workings of Chanel and make you feel like part of their world. These become unforgettable experiences by the viewer and thus solidifies brand image.

    1. Customers appreciate authenticity and transparency

      No matter how much you want to boost your lead generation campaign and sales, share only details or stories that are true. Emphasising transparency and authenticity will also help you gain the trust of your audience. It will boost their interest and engagement as well.

    2. Industry experts and influencers are well trusted

      You can further boost your brand’s credibility by asking experts and influencers to share their experiences when they used your products or opted for your services. You can also cite actual case studies conducted by experts.

    3. Use storytelling as a tool for social change

      Use your stories in ways that can help others be aware of important social issues and how they can deal with them. Aside from mainstream narratives typically focused on problems, share inspiring stories to let your audience know that solutions exist.

Prestigious automobile company, Tesla, for example, has a page on customer stories. They not only engage on a level that’s relatable with customers, but on one that exemplifies its overall brand. The page is saying, ‘check out all the other people that are on board with our environmentally efficient mission’.


  1. Be proactive

    In addition to making people aware of key social issues and encouraging them to contribute or to do something, take the lead and take action as well. By doing so, you not only get the attention of your audience but also inspire them to be a part of the solution.

  2. Always end your story by linking it to your theme and offer

    Make sure your story serves your purpose of getting people to know about your brand, products or services by coming up with a good ending. The ending should tie everything together and have a great call to action.

Benefits of Effective Storytelling

When you are able to integrate storytelling into your content, you can easily attract the attention of any reader or website visitor. You get to initiate and build an emotional connection that can help you persuade people to do something. The results can also be enhanced by word-of-mouth and social media. These, in turn, can help increase traffic towards your website, and improve engagement and brand perception.


What’s one thing you can take away and implement in your business? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.
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