How do I design a landing page that encourages visitors to take actions?

There’s no other way around it: Your website’s landing page should have all the essential elements that would motivate your target consumers to explore, return, and most importantly, convert.

Take note:

We said elements. No other single components will be able to work its magic on your landing page, highlighting how important it is for you to maintain the right balance between these crucial points.

Here are 7 tips to design the perfect landing page that converts:

1. Maintain relevance

Every individual who accesses your page comes from a certain location, and your site should have the capabilities to handle numerous visitors who are looking for your products and services simultaneously. They want their demands to be met, wherever they may be located

This is where geo-targeting comes in; it makes your landing page relevant to each prospect. A consumer from the Australia checking out Nordstrom’s website for the designer clothing.

For example, would be pleased to find their flag reflected on the page, indicating that all prices will be shown in their currency, and all other details they require will be readily presented.

You can bet that these pieces of information will positively impact the user’s experience on the site and motivate them to buy.


2. Include meaningful graphics

The right images do not only draw someone’s eyes to a landing page, but also say a lot about the standard of quality that your brand upholds.

Next to a site that posts stock photos (that your visitors will be almost 100% sure to have already seen elsewhere across the World Wide Web), your landing page, with original, high-quality and well-composed photos that perfectly capture what your business is about, will be more effective at projecting a professional impression that is driven to excel and provide satisfaction to potential customers.

These photos or action shots from Red Balloon’s website for example, will easily will easily convince you that Red Balloon provides a range of packages to suit any adventure seeker- and you’ll be highly motivated to engage with the website.



3. Measure and manage the page

A landing page — actually, an entire website — is never a make-it-and-forget-it project. Understand that your target audience, prospects and overall market’s tastes and behaviours are constantly evolving, so your site has to evolve right alongside them.

So if your landing page three months ago attracted a large number of individuals but the numbers have been dwindling since, it’s time to take a closer look at changes that can be made to inspire the visitors to come flocking in again.

A/B or multivariate testing (like the KickoffLabs example shown below) helps you determine which elements in your site are better positioned to attract and convert more people.



4. Make the landing page mobile-friendly

Today’s consumers use a variety of devices throughout their purchase journey, it can start from smartphones and tablets, then desktop, and again, through tablet, search for and purchase what they need.

So it’s important for your landing page forms to be mobile-friendly (shown in Webjet’s page below) — you don’t want someone to look for your site on their phone while on the go, eager to make a purchase, only to have a hard time navigating your page and ending up frustrated and looking for another brand that can deliver a better mobile experience.



5. Add a video

Aside from photos, a landing page can benefit much from the addition of a video. Videos command attention and can engage a web visitor for several minutes, making it the perfect tool for conveying your company’s complex message and strengthening recall for your brand.

Make sure your video communicates a positive message to the viewer — show how your products or services can meet their needs, present testimonials from previous and satisfied customers (like in GoPro’s page below).

Give your prospects a peek behind the scenes, or simply provide a fun and informative video about what they can expect from your brand.



6. Present social proof

When your prospects find buttons on your landing page indicating how many people have shared or retweeted the page, you experience a boost of confidence and trust in the brand — thousands of people expressing their satisfaction in your offering can’t be wrong, right?

It’s not just those social media buttons with the number of connections that people will be happy to see on your page.

Testimonials, reviews, ratings, badgers, endorsements by industry influencers, media logos, and subscriber counts can all be powerful factors that can influence conversions.



7. Deliver an irresistible call to action (CTA)

Finally, your site visitors are hovering around your CTA — the point of no return. You want your prospects to be confident and sure that they want to go ahead with their purchase and be confident about their decision, not having second thoughts

Streaming service Netflix has its killer CTA right down pat. Just above their “Join Free for a Month” CTA, they added a little reassurance that has turned mere prospects into actual subscribers in just seconds: “Cancel anytime.”

Guarantees help dispel any fears an individual may have over not being satisfied with the service and regretting their decision in the long run, and promises nothing but a win-win situation for both company and customer.

With thoughtful, well-researched and creative landing page design, you can turn any passing visitor to your site into a happy subscriber or customer. Once you’ve tested the best design elements for your unique site, then it’s only a matter of watching the conversions rolling in.


Although designing a landing page may seem like an arduous task, the elements that we discussed will help you create a page that encourages visitors to explore and return to your page.

Having that right balance between all of the elements improves your chances of greater conversions. Always consider your target customers’ needs when determining how your landing page should be designed.

What’s one tip that you can take away and implement today?

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