Got your marketing plan set up for a big bang in 2017?

If not, it’s time to get things done and planned ahead.

Why? If you want to win the game in this ever-changing online marketing world, it’s critical that you have a marketing map that gives your clear directions what you should be doing to achieve stellar results in 2017.

Let’s share some must-know trends to help you stay ahead of the game. The truth is online marketing isn’t going away anytime soon but getting more crowded and busier.

Everyone wants to be part of it, so it’s about the time for us to sharpen our strategies, enjoy the ride and make your business prosperous in 2017.

And speaking of top digital marketing trends, here are five that you must jump in on (if you haven’t yet):

#1 Accelerated Mobile Pages

In September 2016, Google reported that searches conducted on smartphones and other portable Web-connecting gadgets have surpassed the searches that were started and completed using PCs.

This only proves how important it is for businesses to ascertain that their website loads completely in the least amount of time possible.

Accelerated Mobile Pages addresses this important concern by improving the performance of the mobile web. It uses a new open framework that’s built on technologies that permit websites to create lightweight web pages that load quickly on mobile devices.


How to get started with AMP?

If you’re using WordPress, you can simply either use the open source here or implement this plugin recommended by Yoast.

Alternatively, you can ask a web developer for help to assist with the change.

#2 Content Marketing

This definitely isn’t a new strategy, but there are tactics under this umbrella that are expected to make content more effective in increasing brand awareness, improving user experience, and presenting better value to target audiences.


Two examples of these tactics are:

  • Native Advertising – What happens here is that you rent someone’s content distribution platform to provide information about a product or service. However, because you’ll be using someone else’s platform, you have to uphold the rules of that platform and create your content in the format similar to the other content on the site.
  • Influencer Marketing – This is known as a fresh twist on content marketing. It comes in the form of long-form reviews and shout-outs from influential figures in the online world and your industry to help your business tell its story in an interesting manner.

#3 Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing remains one of the best strategies for lead generation!

Automating it can yield even better results because the task of sending out emails to subscribers or potential ones can be done faster and in a timelier fashion. This can lock in interest and cultivate loyalty.


#4 Digital Marketing Videos

Hubspot reveals that netizens spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them, and 85% of them are likely to purchase a product or use a service promoted by the video they’ve watched.

Meanwhile, other studies discovered that video ads have an average CTR (click-through rate) of 1.84%, and 52% of marketing specialists claim that videos are the type of content that produces the best ROI. The best videos to use for marketing are testimonial or review videos and demos or tutorials.


#5 Paid Traffic

This is one of our favourites.

Online users tend to snub traditional online ads and many have begun using ad blockers so they won’t have to deal with distracting and persistent advertisements online. However, many of them actually pay attention to targeted ads such as those from Facebook and YouTube.

Eighty-two percent of Australians claim they like the tailored advertising through those two social media sites because both use analytics in order to present relevant ads to users.


Paying for “appropriate” ads placement to generate traffic is the smart way to go.

These online marketing trends have been tested and proven effective by specialists so you can trust that they will serve your competitive advantage in 2017 — especially if you hire professional online marketing service providers to help.


Accelerated Mobile Pages, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing Videos and Paid Traffic are all trends that will improve your digital marketing strategy if you choose to employ them.

Staying current and up to date with trends is important for any business and in 2017 you should focus your efforts into improving your digital marketing strategy.

What’s your plan to improve your online marketing results? leave a comment below.

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