What are the three tips tp get more sales and clients to the door? 

Tip 1: Review your low hanging fruit

Do you have any quotes that are outstanding in the past 3-6 months or consultations/appointments you've done but those prospects didn't move ahead? 

The best approach to re-activate those opportunities is to reach out to them, either via email or a phone call. 

Simply ask those prospects if they'd be interested in re-visiting the opportunity. 

Imagine if you can close just 1 deal out of those old quotes and past prospects, what would that mean to your business? 

Sometimes when prospects say no, it might because the timing isn't right, or that they are just not ready, and the situation might have changed. 

If you get a moment, re-visit your past quotes or meetings you've done in the past 3-6 months, and give those prospects a call or send them a quick email.

Give it a try! 

Tip 2: Go direct to your market

If you have a niche market you're after and want to establish your name and authority, the quickest way to reach out to your potential clients is to "build an email list" and "send an email to them". We call it "cold email outreach". 

It sounds so simple, right? 

The purpose of doing this is to get your prospects interested in having a conversation with you, or booking appointments. 

The goal here is to get an opportunity to be in front of your potential clients, and have a conversation with them. 

At the end of the day, people do business with other people. It's all about a know, like and trust relationship. 

Tip 3: Give out a freebie to your market 

Not a random freebie but a freebie that can help you build a trust relationship with your potential clients such as a checklist, a free guide,  a mini training or a free webinar. 

The next step is to run a paid traffic campaign and reach out to your target market such as by using Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, depending on where your audience hangs out. 

Go after your potential clients, show them what you can help them with, by giving something free of charge in exchange for your potential clients' contact details such as their emails, phone number and names. 

In this instance, once you get their contact details, you'll be able to engage with them either via emails or phone calls. 

I hope those 3 tips gave you some ideas to get more sales and clients to the door. 

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